Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wait, really? Huh.

Sometimes (okay, often) something happens in the world of motorsports that completely sails past our collective heads. 747- flyby would be an accurate description. You can call it an "ah ha" moment or a "no-shit" moment. This is something that most people know (we think), but really caught us off guard.

Thanks to Jayski for tipping us off to fact that Cal Wells is Michael Waltrip Racing's Vice President. Apparently he has been there since the teams' inception (when they bought up many assets of his old PPI outfit). Well, no shit.

Wow, two-years ago called, they wanted their news back.

Check out the above Wikipedia-link to PPI. It's pretty interesting. Off-road racing with Ivan Stewart, CART with Robby Gordon, Cristiano da Matta, et al. Atlantic's with Dan Wheldon. Interesting indeed.

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