Friday, May 16, 2008

Brock Yates and a lurid tale about death

Let us face facts... Most of the stuff you read on these here "internets" is pretty much garbage. Whether the topic is motor racing, stick-and-ball sports, general news, etc., chances are, you just read something that sucked. Even this site is not excluded from the previous sentence (NASCAR previews? Come on).

With that in mind, Ridebuyer wants to roll back the clock and take you to a simpler time. A time when the world was a little less scary, a rerun of Welcome Back, Kotter was all it took to restore faith in the social hierarchy of High School, and the internet had yet to turn into a cesspool of gratuitous potshots and mean spirited abuse. The following is the first in (what we hope will be) a long line of yesteryear motoring articles that are actually worth reading.

The first installment of our "Shit Worth Reading" serial comes from...

Brock Yates

The overriding question was why would Ken Miles, successful race driver, end up in the backwaters of Wisconsin, even if he'd managed to survive the terrible crash at Riverside? "He claimed to have been given a couple of million dollars by Ford to disappear..."

Full text below:

Ken Miles Alive and Well in Wisconsin? - Column


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