Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Around the Horn: Jay Mariotti knows not what he speaks

A large step in the process of a sport becoming relevant is media attention. When people care enough to write or otherwise report on an event, it means that someone, somewhere, gives a shit. These media-types are the people tasked with bringing the news of a sport to the masses, through their witty quips and insightful commentaries. All good, right?

The big news from this past weekend's Indy 500 was, of course, Danica Patrick's march down pitlane to confront Ryan Briscoe. The much ballyhooed event has brought the opinions of one commentator from the Chicago Sun-Times (and staple of various unwatchable ESPN- programs), Jay Mariotti. Here's a glimpse:

On an interstate highway, such a compilation of anger would be tantamount to road rage. What did Patrick say the other day about wanting to own a winery? Seems she's already mastered a fine whine. When she switched allegiances to the potent Andretti Green team, wasn't the idea to have a high-performance car every year at Indy? With a new pit boss in Kyle Moyer, wasn't she supposed to avoid strategic mixups and arguments? Apparently not.

One would suppose having such national-level blowhard's commenting on a sport is a positive thing (even if these "experts" have never been close to motor racing track). But, goddamn it, if Stephen A. Smith ever writes a motor racing article, killing yourself with a blunt object will be the only acceptable recourse.

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