Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Indy infield and buses v. walls

Deadspin's AJ Daulerio gave a much needed, fresh voice to the coverage of our fair sport. The Editor for the most notable sporting blog on the interweb was strolling the Indy infield on race day and filed this report. Here's an excerpt of his dispatch:

By around lap 46 I was ignoring the cars all together and instead focused on an 45ish-year-old man with a white muscle shirt and an "I Am Indy" hat try to convince a 19-year-old girl to flash for him. "Come on. Just one tit?" Lovely.

Love it. Just outstanding.

On an unrelated/related note Deadspin (and other national outlets) is running the story of the school bus racing accident that took place over the weekend at Columbus Motor Speedway. Now, obviously there is an inherent comedic value to this story. Racing school buses is silly, I get it. I like jokes. But, something like this can literally close a short track. Like, for good. Like, out of business. Forever. And that fucking blows. Once lawyers get involved, things like this get ugly (or uglier). Now, in the interest of full disclosure, Columbus Motor Speedway is my local short track. I like the place. I'll go when sprints or midgets are in town. The USAC National Midget Series started their midwest season at CMS a few weeks back. I was there. It was a good show at a hell of a good price. Tracks like CMS are the backbone of motor racing and, shamefully, becoming few and far between.

Hopefully, my local short track can overcome this bus debacle and continue to provide inexpensive entertainment that churns out droves of new racing fans. Time will tell for CMS. We shall see. In the meantime, everyone should head out and enjoy your local short track ASAP. Buy a ticket, get some food, enjoy giving the track your money.

OK, I'm off the old soapbox. Here's a video of the wreck. Watching that cement fly is pretty nasty. As crazy as it looks, no one was killed.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Indy link dump

It's been called the "laziest post in blogging," and if I'm one thing, it's lazy. Really lazy. So, here you go, what other people are saying about The Indy 500 across the interwebs.

There are at least 10 interesting things that might happen come Sunday's open-wheel 500. So says Fox, anyway.

10 storylines to follow at Indy 500 (FoxSports.com)

The one called Pressdog is on location at Indy and filing trackside dispatches. Apparently he is sharing a Indy hotel room love-bungalow with a dude. Well done, sir.

Live from IMS 5/23/09 Part 1--Bloggers at the Gate.

From Indy 500 champ, to Dancing stud, to Wesley Snipes, and back to IndyCar glory. It's been quite trip for Heilo Castroneves.

Cleared for takeoff (Indystar.com)

Deadspin editor AJ Daulerio will also be on locale at Indy. He'll be in the infield looking at drunks and searching for the ever elusive set of IUPUI sophomore boobs. His update will be posted Tuesday. Oh, AJ, the "Italian guy married to Ashley Judd" is not Italian.

Of Screeching Tires And Lost Control (Deadspin.com)

Enjoy the race. My Speed fantasy picks are Castroneves, Briscoe, Dixon. They will win. All of the them.

Also, fyi, Shane Hollingsworth won the Hoosier Hundred. Cheers buddy.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Not to be the guy who laments his fantasy team aloud, but... My starters for this past weekend's Wind Tunnel Seven Whatever went 1-2-3 in ALMS, 1-2-7 in Grand Am, and won the Truck outing in Charlotte. How the hell did I finish in 70's? Jesus, what's a guy got to do? I won every damn race! Christ.

Mistake by The Lake double-dip?

Like the idea of an IndyCar doubleheader at Burke Lakefront in 2010?

'Hell yes,' you say?

Well... Think about the prospects of running the circuit in an oval configuration one day, then the traditional layout later that weekend.

My god, I think I'd purchase a ticket to an event like that.

INDYCAR: Cleveland Considering Combo Oval/Road Race Event

Should this race somehow happen, it would be the second coolest thing to ever come from Cleveland. This dance number is still cooler:

Much cooler.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm alive

I am, really.

I'm just having a hard time recovering from finishing p2 in Wind Tunnel's fantasy game for April. You may have seen "RideBuyers" on the graphic during last week's WT broadcast. Yep, that's me. I'm around. And I'll be around more. I promise. Have a great race week-