Saturday, May 23, 2009

Indy link dump

It's been called the "laziest post in blogging," and if I'm one thing, it's lazy. Really lazy. So, here you go, what other people are saying about The Indy 500 across the interwebs.

There are at least 10 interesting things that might happen come Sunday's open-wheel 500. So says Fox, anyway.

10 storylines to follow at Indy 500 (

The one called Pressdog is on location at Indy and filing trackside dispatches. Apparently he is sharing a Indy hotel room love-bungalow with a dude. Well done, sir.

Live from IMS 5/23/09 Part 1--Bloggers at the Gate.

From Indy 500 champ, to Dancing stud, to Wesley Snipes, and back to IndyCar glory. It's been quite trip for Heilo Castroneves.

Cleared for takeoff (

Deadspin editor AJ Daulerio will also be on locale at Indy. He'll be in the infield looking at drunks and searching for the ever elusive set of IUPUI sophomore boobs. His update will be posted Tuesday. Oh, AJ, the "Italian guy married to Ashley Judd" is not Italian.

Of Screeching Tires And Lost Control (

Enjoy the race. My Speed fantasy picks are Castroneves, Briscoe, Dixon. They will win. All of the them.

Also, fyi, Shane Hollingsworth won the Hoosier Hundred. Cheers buddy.

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