Thursday, May 29, 2008

Better know a Dan Gurney

Let us face facts... Most of the stuff you read on these here "internets" is pretty much garbage. Whether the topic is motor racing, stick-and-ball sports, general news, etc., chances are, you just read something that sucked. Even this site is not excluded from the previous sentence (NASCAR previews? Come on).

With that in mind, Ridebuyer wants to roll back the clock and take you to a simpler time. A time when the world was a little less scary and the internet had yet to turn into a cesspool of gratuitous potshots and mean spirited abuse. The following is the latest installment in RB'ers "Shit Worth Reading" serial.

These entries are timely in the sense that their subject (Dan Gurney) was recently snubbed from ESPN's Top 25 Drivers of All Time list. (Other notable exclusions: Mark Donahue, Phil Hill, Graham Hill, Bobby Allison...)

While it's little consolation (like, none), we'd like to give the All American Racers-founder some love with two forgotten (old) articles that are worth the time to peruse. Here is a sample:

The Gurney method of staying a jump ahead has often been considered eccentric, and it has brought failure as well as success. But it has never been anything less than true to the man. In his 16 years at the wheel, he established himself as one of the greatest American drivers of all time, with victories in Grand Prix, sports car, endurance, stock car, Indy car, Can-Am and sedan racing. He was America's best road racer in the '60s, a horsepower-crazy era that is gone but not forgotten.

Once again, thank you to the SI Vault for being incredibly ball-kicking.

The '500' Under Attack (May 27, 1963)

Racing To A Midlife Crisis
(May 26,1980)

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