Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Da Matta vomits on crotch

Everyone is excited that Cristiano da Matta is back in a racing car. By all accounts his 2006 deer-striking accident at Road America should have ending his career if not his life. After much therapy and the like, da Matta made his return to the cockpit this past weekend at Laguna Seca. Thanks to Bob Stallings – owner of the GAINSCO/Stallings Pontiac Riley- da Matta teamed with buddy Jimmy Vasser in a second DP-entry for the Dallas-based squad.

All was going well for da Matta on track (he even had the lead for a spell) until he stomach started playing tricks on him. Speedtv.com/Racer's David Phillips explains:

Perhaps as the result of eating too much too close to the start of the race (the previous day I’d been amused to see da Matta down a lunch of fried chicken and mashed potatoes that would have made A.J. Foyt envious); perhaps as the result of an overactive cool suit, da Matta began suffering stomach cramps and finally deposited most of his lunch in his helmet and the cockpit.

Thankfully, da Matta says this was just the case of an upset stomach and not any lingering impact from his past head injuries. Welcome back, Cristiano. And get that fire suit washed, it stinks.

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