Saturday, May 3, 2008

Busch v. Wallace

Steve Wallace finished behind Kyle Busch in last night's Nationwide race at Richmond. A war of words and indecipherable insults (on Wallace's part. Seriously, what the hell is this guy saying?) were tossed back and forth between the two, coming to a head when Wallace approached Busch's Toyota after the race, grabbed his helmet and shook. If the story ended there, it would be pretty funny. But, post-race interviews lead to Busch making fun of Wallace and his father Rusty. Wallace (Steve, that is) later responded by calling Busch "a big tall big-ear loser..."

Enjoy the final laps of the race, plus the ensuing insults.

-Wallace, Busch trade barbs following Richmond Nationwide race

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Meesh said...

Geesh! And I thought Kimi Raikkonen was hard to understand! Holy crap! Wallace is hysterical! LOL!