Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vasser back, off the sauce

In honor of Jimmy Vasser's Ali-like return to the cockpit for Sunday's Long Beach Grand Prix-and his admission to USA Today that cutting delicious adult beverages out of his diet has been the hardest part of prepping for the race- Ridebuyer would like to walk down memory lane. Rewind one year and recall Little Al's return to Indy sans libations. Two former-champs making returns to racing, stories that loosely involve drinking... Staggering similarities.

Ok, the two events are not really comparable as Unser was a self-described boozehound and Vasser just mentioned having some beers and wine (he owns a vineyard, for godsakes), but this a great opportunity to showcase the wonder that is the SI Vault. Yes, every SI article ever is available for free online. Holy Shit. Office productivity continues to plummet.

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