Sunday, April 27, 2008

Marty Roth sucks again

This would be called a digression.... Marty Roth impressed the masses with his p7 qualifying run for today's Kansas race. It so impressed this humble-observer, the following love-fest post was scribed. Roth was gridded ahead of a host of big name teams and drivers (including both Penske entries). This was going to be a breakout performance for the middle-aged Canuck.

Then came the race.

The highpoint of Roth's open-wheel career was short lived as he managed to hit everything minus the lottery in his first trip down pit lane. Roth did a quarter-spin while attempting to get into his pit stall, where he made contact with a Luczo Dragon Racing crew member. (The nose of Roth's car attempted some rear-entry on the poor crewman, something likely illegal in the state of Kansas). Then, after begin held until service was complete on Tomas Scheckter's car, Roth ran over the foot of another Luczo guy. Roth finished 26th, retiring after 41 laps with the ever ambiguous "handling-issues."

You made me look bad, Marty. Shame on you.

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