Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jeff Olson's blog-rage

Following an illustrious list of stick and ball reporters who have condemned the institution of blogging, RACER Magazine's Jeff Olson, does his best impersonation of Rick Reilly, Stephen A. Smith, Jay Mariotti , et al. In Olson's recent article published on, he rips the hacks in the St. Pete media center for being unprofessional following Sunday's race. Clearly such behavior was the work of biased bloggers, who should be 86'ed from all further IndyCar credential opportunities (known as the Mark Cuban plan). Olson fumes:

Apparently this occupation is now open to anyone who can type with his or her knuckles, no education or experience required. No need for a degree or employment, just crown yourself a bloggist, start typing and apply for that credential.

Amazing how that works. If I tried to be a plumber with no experience or training, I’d get stomped by guys with pipe wrenches and exposed butt cracks. But any fool with a computer and a MySpace page can play journalist, and the rules of the business are no longer acknowledged (or even known).

Most blogs (motor racing and otherwise) are shit. This is not deniable. But, the IndyCar Series is not the NBA or MLB. Those leagues have "fans" and mainstream media coverage. As soon as the IndyCar Series gets those two elements (outside of Indy in May) maybe, just maybe, their media-relation folks can be choosy with press passes. Until that happens, credentials should be issued to every man, women and derelict with a MySpace account who shows any interest. Yes, Bums with typewritters need press passes. (Even if only to raid the food line and pen 50 words about the race to post on a YMCA wall.)

As Olson says (in the full article), cheering in the media center is a no-no, but, fuck me, at least people were there. If access was restricted to only traditional print guys, there would be three people reporting on an event. God only knows what Olson, Cavin and Phillips would do in an empty media center. Gross.

Props to Olson though... he seems like an equal opportunity hater of all media center-types, that are not him. Inclusion is important.

Let’s get right to the point. Sportswriters suck. I don’t mean suck as in they have no talent, but suck as in they have no talent and are utter bores. Hell certainly must be a roomful of sportswriters after the free buffet runs dry. They know it all, of course; just ask them. They’ll be happy to tell you, often with the breath of a yak.

If Ridebuyer follows Olson's argument, he hates most people, not just bloggers. We can respect this.

Strange, we went from not really liking Olson, to being confused by Olson, and now enjoying Olson and his rage. Weird.

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