Friday, April 18, 2008

Racing is expensive's man-on-the-street in the LBC is Marshall Pruett (no relation) and he happens to scribe a sportscar blog for said site. In Thursday's dispatch from the ALMS paddock he obtained an itemized list of expenditures following Primetime Racing's St. Pete shunt. The list shows the costs of repair done in the two weeks post-wreck to put their GT2 Viper back on track.

For a silly comparison, note that Ridebuyer's current track mount was less than the cost of two wheels for the Viper. Still wanna go racing?

6 people 12 hrs per day for 7 days that is 504 man hours average 40.00 per hr: $20,160.00
Entire light weight body minus the roof: $15,795.00
Paint and graphics: $3,000
1 set of BBS wheels: $4850.00
Brake components destroyed: $8500.00
Both rear axles: $1450.00
Suspension components destroyed: $6250.00
Chassis Repair: $7150.00
U-Haul for chassis to Dodge repair facility: $1700
1 set of tires: $2300.00
Both headlight assembly: $2250.00
Radiator: $850.00
Exhaust 1 side: $1800.00
Rear toe links: $441.00
2 shocks: $7100.00
Steering rack: $852.00
Front sway bar: $1150.00
Total: $85,598

The only thing cheap in Long Beach? Gin and tonic and chronic.

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