Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Joe Walsh would be proud

Normally the 'Fun with Ebay' portion of RB is reserved for the more ridiculous offerings found on the auction site. Tonight is different. (That is, if you don't find a $1.5 million Maserati located in the UAE ridiculous.)

Dubbed the
ultimate track day car, one would suspect this could, indeed, blow the floss right from any dentist who dares challenge it at a weekend lapping event. To put this into perspective, the reported price of Directv's 'Presenting Sponsor' deal with the IndyCar series is $3 million annually. So, in theory, the IndyCar Series could be brought to you by two Maserati Mc12 Corsa's instead a dish made for people who have no concept that cable works just fine. Think about it.

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