Thursday, April 24, 2008

Craig Gore might be a criminal

Tales of Team Australia's Craig Gore and his unscrupulous business practices have been widely reported. RACER Magazine's David Malsher is the most recent to outline the cluster-fucked relationship between Gore and Derrick Walker in a piece. The root of the dispute between the two is $2.5 million Walker says Gore owes his team from last season. Gore disagrees and litigation is now on the horizon. Regardless of who owes who what, Walker has no IndyCar Series entry, which is a bloody shame.

Folks might recall a Robin Miller Wind Tunnel-interview where he referred to Gore as "the criminal element" of motorsports (the video, once displayed on, was strangely removed after a matter of days). Miller also referenced a website ("") where Gore's sketchy past is outlined. Unfortunately, is not a website.

But, is a site! (Blogspot, represent.) The site goes back to Gore's involvement with the Australian Vee Eight Supercar Company and is a tale on deceit and lies. It's the motor racing equivalent of LA Confidential, but with less murder and boobs.

In the spirit of fair and equal time, here is the Gore-issued statement outlining his side of the Walker debacle. It's less entertaining. It's the motor racing equivalent of Babe: Pig in the City, but with less James Cromwell.

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