Tuesday, March 25, 2008

IndyCar season preview

Taking it team-by-team (must be read and hummed aloud to the cadence of the Micheal McDonald hit of the similar name).

Ridebuyer is happy to present the following team-by-team look into the 2008 IRL IndyCar season. Feel free to print the subsequent posts and compile your own personal Ridebuyer media guide. (Seriously, if anyone does this, DUI yourself into the nearest pond. Immediately.)

In this post: A.J. Foyt Enterprises and Andretti Green Racing.

A.J. Foyt Enterprises-

What to know:

Super Tex's one-car outfit has Darren Manning returning for his second season with the team. Manning's #14 finished last season with a few strong runs including a career-tying high forth place at Detroit. The team was restructured last season with A.J.'s son Larry assuming a larger role in day-to-day operations, maybe adding some life into the sometimes flaccid outfit. Expect the team to run well on road and street courses as well as short ovals.

Despite A.J. personally out-dating the internal combustion engine, his team has some youthful faces, which is pretty cool. (Much of the over-the-wall crew look like they would have a tough time ordering a drink in a Bolivian brothel.) Speaking of booze, the team retains secondary sponsorship from Cabo Wabo Tequila. This would be awesome, but Sammy Hagar has weired us out since "I can't drive 55" was used in Back to the Future II in the soundtrack for the alternate 1985 scenes.


Don't expect wins, but podiums are certainly attainable. Manning is more than capable of competing with any driver in the series. But, who knows? If the team is near the front at the end of an event they could backdoor a 'W.' Oh, just don't use the term backdoor around A.J., he doesn't like the queer-talk.

Andretti Green Racing-

What to know:

The four-car uber-team is back and just as uber as ever. Series champ and Indy winner Dario Franchitti has hit the bricks and the squad has enlisted the services of one Hideki Mutoh to fill the void. Yes, Mutoh is a rookie in the IndyCar Series, but the team is proven and Mutoh has shown that he is not your typical Honda-funded boner. Joining Mutoh is the trio of Danica Patrick, Tony Kanaan, and Marco Andretti. All clearly have the equipment to win races this season, yet only Kanaan and Marco are likely to. This is not to completely write off the rookie and the broad. Mutoh could set the world on fire (?), and Danica has the strange ability to race Indianapolis like a beast. She will be competitive as shit come May.


The team will be competitive on all tracks the IndyCar Series competes. They are well-funded and occasionally well-managed. Kanaan has to do the brunt of the development work for the entire team since his vet-buddy Franchitti has left. More work? Yes. Can he do it? You bet. Kanaan is a championship contender right out of the gate. Marco wins a race. (Probably a road or street event.) Danica and Mutoh? Your guess is as good as mine.

*Ed. note: If the world was fair, Danica Patrick would be excluded from contention of all racing events for the calender year 2008 solely because of the music that plays when you go to her website. Holy shit, that is dismal.

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