Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Allmendinger, rideless.

A.J. is out, and wants to spoon with Mike Skinner (can you blame him?).

Responding to news that he will be parked by Red Bull Racing in favor of stockcar-vet and good ole' boy Mike Skinner starting this weekend in Atlanta, Allmendinger expressed remorse, then showed his undying man-love for Skinner:

“Let’s not kid ourselves; I’m a racer and I want to be racing, but I get the big picture here and obviously we need to improve our program. Do I want to be out of the car? No. But, I know Skinner can help both me and my team. All I can say is he better be prepared for me to eat, drink, and sleep with him."

There is no timeline for Allmendinger's return to the seat. Quite frankly we don't care. This was clearly just an excuse to show another awesome A.J. with a fade picture. Damn it, Allmendinger, bring it back!

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