Thursday, March 27, 2008

IndyCar season preview-part III

Taking it team-by-team (must be read and hummed aloud to the cadence of the Micheal McDonald hit of the similar name).

Ridebuyer is happy to present the following team-by-team look into the 2008 IRL IndyCar season. Feel free to print the subsequent posts and compile your own personal Ridebuyer media guide. (Seriously, if anyone does this, DUI yourself into the nearest pond. Immediately.)

Dreyer & Reinbold:

What to Know:
Unlike the two previous teams outlined (Conquest and Coyne), D&R are part of the IRL old-guard. The team principle Dennis Reinbold is pretty well known throughout Indianapolis for his car dealerships (yeah, he's kind-of a big deal), and started his IndyCar outfit in 1999. Robbie Buhl drove for the team until he stepped into the ownership role he now has. For this season the team has three drivers under contract. Buddy Rice, Townsend Bell and Milka Duno. Rice will run the entire schedule, while Bell and Duno will tag-team the other entry. (D&R say they will run the trio at Indy.) Duno will start the season at Homestead, with Bell seemingly to pick up the slack at road/street courses. Ridebuyer wonders aloud as to why Duno runs exclusively ovals in the IndyCar Series as she has shown her ineptness time after time turning left. She comes from a road racing background, and might (a big might, by the way) feel more comfortable on similar tracks. Just a thought. Kudos to the team for running Rice (who dispite winning the Indy 500 still gets overlooked) and Bell (same deal as Rice, just minus Indy). And hey, Duno pays the bills with that fat Citgo check (thank you Hugo Chavez).


The team hopes Rice and Bell can have enough success to offset the damage bill Duno will run up. That means, Rice must win Indy and Bell must podium in all street/road events. A tall order. Seriously, the team should be able to run top ten with Rice everywhere, and top fives for Bell and Rice off of the ovals is possible. Duno will wreck (at least Ashley Judd wont be around to bitch about it though, that was annoying). We will leave you with this... Why are Milka Duno's nostrils so close together?... That's not a setup for a joke, we really want to know. Seriously, it weirds us out.

HVM Racing:

What to know:

In the spirit of full disclosure, we only know the following about HVM Racing:

Keith Wiggins is the owner.

The team was purchased from the old Bettenhausen Racing remnants

The Minardi guy was somehow involved with the squad last year.

That's about it. They won some races in Champ Car (including an oval race with Ryan Hunter- Reay). And that pretty much covers it. As for their driver Ernesto Viso, well... We know less. So instead of bullshitting everyone by making up some malarkey about his road racing prowess, do us all a favor and follow the above link. Read about him yourself, don't be lazy. He may even be interesting... For more information about the team and their driver, give HVM a call @ 317-524-3995. I'm sure they would be happy to talk to a fan. Tell 'em Ridebuyer sent you.


Struggle. Lets hope he doesn't wad a car up in Homestead, because that would likely write-off St. Pete. Good luck though.

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