Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Malcolm in the back

Ridebuyer's new favorite actor-turned racing driver Frankie Muniz turned in the 14th quickest time (of 20 cars) in the Atlantic Series' open test this week at Laguna Seca. Full results are here.
Muniz will run the entire Atlantic season with PCM, although their schedule is filled with question marks since the series was supposed to run jointly with Champ Car at events that have been cancelled since the IRL's coup of Champ Car. But regardless, wherever the Atlantic Series races, Muniz will be there.

Muniz joins the illustrious list of Hollywood talent to venture into the world of professional racing. Here is the Ridebuyer-abridged list of actors who have all turned a wheel in anger.

"A-List" celebrities who have donned the helmet include: James Dean, James Garner, Paul Newman and perhaps most famously Steve McQueen.

"B-Listers" include: Patrick Dempsey, Jason Priestley and Craig T. Nelson (Dauber was occasionally his tire-changer).

"C-Listers" include: our man Frankie, Lorenzo Lamas (for those glorious two-months when he ran S2000), and Danny Bonaduce*

*To Ridebuyer's knowledge he has never driven a racing car, nor shown any interest, but we will include him regardless.


Dan said...

Was that photo really necessary? Anyone who happened past the computer while I was reading that is going to be asking me some very serious questions now. Oh well, I'd expect nothing less from the person who introduced me to the "wonders" of Tubgirl.

- Dan

majic49 said...

Hmmm.....a seeming fixation on "celebs," especially younger males (with the exception of Steve)...Siggy would've had a field day.
And the point is??