Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Walker Racing closes doors; promptly reopens them

News of Walker Racing's ultimate demise appear to be both premature and exaggerated.

Despite a rash of reports claiming the team has completely shelved plans to run in the unified-IRL, Walker has responded with this release on his team's website. For those not interested in following the jump, or if you have a general aversion to comprehension-reading here is a telling excerpt:

So we are not out of racing by any means. There is a huge mountain to climb, but if I can get the job done in time we will be there at Homestead.

Walker also says his Atlantic program will go on as planned. The team is currently testing at Laguna Seca with the fabulous-Mansell Brothers.

Ridebuyer will start the rumor-mill: Walker Racing to run Nigel Mansell in a one-off at Indy. You heard it here first (and last).

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