Monday, March 24, 2008's incredible timing

Last Wednesday was a tough day for's Jim Chiappelli. Bemoaning the relative lack of opportunities to see winged-sprints on dirt in his home of North Carolina, Chiappelli scribed an editorial piece to outline his frustrations. Chiappelli (like many racing guys still dealing with the doldrums of winter) just wants to see some good old fashioned dirt racing. He even reflects back to the days of his youth, growing up in sprint car rich middle-Pennsylvania, where dirt cars flock like the swallows of Capistrano.

A sprint car void of epic proportions, no doubt. If only there was an outlet to televise such racing. Then, all of the problems Chiappelli faces would be resolved....

Brace yourself for Sunday's (four days after the original Chiappelli piece was published) Breaking News:

World Racing Group announced today that SPEED will be the exclusive television partner for World of Outlaws racing in 2008. The partnership will be anchored by five super-sized multi-hour events, three of which will be broadcast live, including the highly successful World of Outlaws World Finals season finale.

As it happens, the above article was also scribed by Chiappelli!

Wait, it's almost like the original opinion piece was just an early plug for Speedtv's upcoming television programming. An advertisement thinly disguised as an article? Could it be?

*Ed. note: Ridebuyer understands the irony of posting something critical about Speedtv when we often link to their site and pilfer their images. Irony acknowledged, noted and disregarded.

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