Friday, March 21, 2008

What the hell was Richard Antinucci talking about?

For those not familiar with Richard Antinucci, he is the 27 year-old nephew of Eddie Cheever Jr., who happens to be quite the little racing pilot. He contested the British F3 championship, has tested with BMW Williams F1 and is now stateside running in the Indy Pro Series (now called Firestone Indy Lights, by the way). Antinucci was part of this week's IRL teleconference, to talk about his new ride with Sam Schmidt Motorsports. He did address the racing thing, yet also made this startling disclosure:

Q. How much is your uncle fed into all of this? Is he giving you some advice and all of that?

RICHARD ANTINUCCI: My uncle's always there for advice. He's very good on super speedways in my opinion. So it's always good advice. To be honest with you, I've been quite busy with my team and working on their indications and their feedback. And I haven't had time to rub off any regarding this new season.

To be fair, a lowly blog like Ridebuyer does not have the privilege to be included in IRL teleconferences, so we did not hear the above phrase in the context of conversation. Maybe it didn't sound that bad. But, it reads pretty bad. Ok, really bad.

What better way to kick-off your Friday morning than images of Eddie Cheever's nephew treating his body like a jungle-gym. Sinner.

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