Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Foytisms

It's tough when you know your hero has fallen on tough times. Unfortunately, A.J. Foyt's team is, and may forever be, on "tough times." The modestly funded outfit has never regained the luster they had when Kenny Brack won Indy for them in 1999. They may not be in contention to win races, but we still love A.J. Foyt. Always will. We love everything about him. Owning a racing team, sweet. Knowing how to operate a tractor, awesome. Beating on your car with a giant wrench in the pits at Indy, phenomenal. But the pièce de résistance facet of Mr. Foyt's being is, in our minds, writing for USA Today. (Sound of chuckle.) Here is the latest edition of his reoccurring "Foyt Files." Enjoy the literary talents of Super Tex.

God, we loved writing that last sentence.

Stumble at Sonoma: No. 14 team encounters rough road

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