Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Greg Weld 1944-2008

We'd heard of Weld Racing Wheels, but not of its founder, former sprint car ace Greg Weld, until this morning. During a cursory glance through Speedtv.com, we happened upon his obituary of sorts, penned by Robin Miller.

Weld, who died Monday of cancer at age 64, probably doesn’t ring a bell with anyone under 50, because he quit driving in the early 1970s to concentrate on his wheel empire. Since he only qualified for one Indianapolis 500, he also wouldn’t rank as a hero except for every guy who ever raced him or watched him perform in USAC from 1965-’74.
Miller paints Weld as a real racer, whose abilities on the cushion were only rivaled by his business sense. Miller's recollection of Weld's pole winning run for the 1969 Hoosier Hundred (besting guys named Andretti, Unser and Foyt) is worth the price of admission. (If, you know, you had to pay to read a Speedtv.com article.)

Miller is a polarizing figure in the small world of motor racing journalism. That said, the guy flat out knows his shit when it comes to the history of sprints and midgets. We're thankful for that, as we now know something about a fellow named Greg Weld and his prowess on the dirt.

Cheers Mr. Weld, RIP.

Remembering Greg Weld (Robin Miller)

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