Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fun with dirt

The X Games are pretty damn entertaining. Keep in mind, we don't have any tattoos, have never been on a skateboard and don't know why anyone would want to ride a bicycle that doesn't properly fit. That said, when we see the action-sports based youngsters competing on television, we'll usually tune in for a bit. See the sights, look at things/people fly through the air, and watch for the very white competitors to flash gang signs at cameras. It's fun.

The rally event is certainly must-see-TV (Sunday 3pm, ABC), with the best rally drivers from around the world competing (including the US contingent of Travis Pastrana, Ken Block and future Top Gear America-host Tanner Foust).

We don't really understand a whole lot about motoring events waged on dirt (USAC racing excluded), but they seem pretty cool so we'd thought we'd do a 'salute to dirt' and give you a host of videos about getting sideways/airborne in the mud.

The chances we have another rally-related post ever again? Slim to none. Enjoy.

Getting high with rally drivers:

Want to purchase a rally car? News flash, your WRX is way too fast for you:

What's the toughest stage rally in the world? Hint: you've never heard of it:

The big perk to making your living off-road: A hot wife. The only caveat ? You have to get a dirt bike:

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