Saturday, September 20, 2008

The race car, er, card

Hypothetical situation:

You're at work. You get into an argument with a coworker. It's a fairly heated argument. In a fit of rage, you say "I ought to cut you" to that employee. (We're talking cut, as in slice or shank.) The next day, you're fired. Is this fair recourse for your employer?

If your name happens to be Dean Duckett, and your ex-employer was NASCAR, than no, that shit's not right.

Last week, Duckett filed a complaint with the Buffalo department of the EEOC (clearly bringing in the big guns) citing a hostile work environment and wrongful termination from his tech position at NASCAR.

Duckett told the AP he is considering a lawsuit if NASCAR refuses to offer him his old job back (!?). Reread that last sentence.

Dear Dean,

You're not getting your job back. And if what you say is true, why would you want it back?


Reasonable people.

The kicker in this story is that Duckett was named in Mauricia Grant's $250 million racial and sexual discrimination lawsuit against NASCAR. Duckett was accused by Grant of dumping water on a (female) NASCAR official to simulate a wet T-shirt contest.


Former inspector issues discrimination complaint

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