Friday, September 26, 2008

Put down the back issue of "Racer" and look around

The sporting world is truly extraordinary. Bear witness to last night's Oregon State v. USC football contest where the seemingly infallible Trojans were over matched by the seemingly under performing Beavers. (There's nothing worse than a Beaver that under performs...Rim shot.) The highly touted USC-defense was torn apart by some kid named Jacquizz who may or may not be a troll. Wild. That shit should not happen. Yet it did, and does. The stick-and-ball world should (hopefully) provide the masses with other gems this weekend. There's a full slate of college and professional football games to choose from and the year's most enthralling weekend of baseball. The final regular season weekend for MLB is the sporting equivalent to the Ewan McGregor classic (?) Big Fish. It's a strange amalgamation of joy, sorrow, confusion and Albert Finney (sometimes). So, on what could be described a slower weekend for motorsports, we implore our loyal readership to take a look around and enjoy what the early fall sporting season has to offer. Christ, it beats speaking to your family.


Any of the following scenarios will give Philly the National League East division title:

The Phillies sweep the Nationals.
The Marlins sweep the Mets.
The Phillies take two of three from Washington and the Mets lose once to the Marlins.
The Phillies take one of three from Washington and the Mets lose twice to the Marlins.

(Courtesy of the brilliant staff over at The Fightins)

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