Wednesday, September 17, 2008

RB on the road

Our latest Kerouac-ian journey takes us to the newest motor racing facility in the country. New Jersey Motorsports Park is conveniently (if you live in Philadelphia) located in south central Jersey in the bustling metropolis of Millville.

We recommend eating at the Subway attached to CVS in "downtown" Millville. The eatery was manned by two older Indian folks, who, while rather slow in the actual sandwich building process, produced a final product that was bloody delicious and worth the $5 foot long moniker. Jared and Tony Stewart would be proud. Check it out... You know, if you're in the area.

As one could imagine the track itself is very much a work in progress, with vast amounts of open dirt areas, high piles of oil dry and much construction equipment strewn about. The garages at Thunderbolt Raceway were completed and quite nice as was the entire paddock. A few bleachers were erected, one at start-finish and another on the back half of the circuit. These will surely be added to or improved as sight lines on the front stretch are fairly poor and the overall construction of the bleachers were not up to par. We saw a guy come very close to eating shit while climbing to a seat, as one of boards he stepped upon was not secured to anything. We almost lost a good man that day.

Both the Star Mazda and Atlantic-guys put on good shows. Standing starts for both series are worth the price of admission. Stand down in turn one (by the medical center) for race starts, the track narrows slightly and it’s about the best spot for overtaking.

  • Summation:

    Facility will be world class when construction is complete.

    The NJMP PA system and operator in serious need of upgrade.

    Frankie Muniz (Atlantic driver with PCM) is incredibly short and looks silly with facial hair, but Derrick Walker is a good-looking man.

    If the Atlantic series doesn’t exist next season, we will cry.

    Both the Chili’s and Subway in Millville are first class operations.

For those interested in seeing Jersey in the almost-autumn (who isn't?), ARCA and Speed World Challenge will be at NJMP at the end of the month. It’s worth the trip. Probably.

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