Friday, July 11, 2008

Johnny O’Connell struggles with incontinence

Some drivers are pissers and some are not. This is a paraphrased observation from Tony Stewart's book concerning drivers who relieve themselves whilst in the cockpit. Tony Stewart is a pisser. Today we learned GM-factory driver Johnny O’Connell is too.

Marshall Pruett's trackside blog (which is not really a blog, but quite entertaining regardless) from ALMS-events tells of O’Connell's pants wetting experience at Le Mans.

Corvette crew chief Dan Banks:

“It was bad…a little over the top, if you ask me” he said, fighting back a look of pained bewilderment and mild amusement. “You can’t get too mad at the guy; these cars shake the h*ll out of you, and you know, for a driver of Johnny’s advanced age, bladder control is the first thing to go…”

Happy Friday. In about 12-hours we hope to be in a condition conducive to pants-wetting.

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