Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Give Paul Tracy your paycheck

In honor of it being the 30th of the month (we hear some people get a regular paycheck around this time), RB'er wants to help you spend your newly acquired cash. Instead of blowing your roll on the usual necessities of gasoline, hookers and Tops baseball cards, we recommend cutting Paul Tracy a check (or is that cheque?) to get him into the IndyCar Series for the duration of the season.

This process has become easy as a grassroots effort to sponsor the "Thrill from Westhill" in an Indy Car ride has been launched. The movement has thus far raised $135 and is just $124,865 short of their $150k goal.

To show our support, the revenue generated by our Google Ads for this week will go to help the cause. We netted a cool $.13 last week. You're welcome, PT.

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Staff said...

I read on a blog about someone who was auctioning off sponsorship space on their car. He could take that route and maybe get some sponsorship money and extra publicity.

I work with Motorola to spread the word about the at home with Danica Patrick Show.