Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The history of the "royal we"

People who visit this site might not be totally in tuned with the ins-and-outs of the sporting blogosphere. (Holy shit, what a queer term that was.) To enlighten, one of the larger blogs out in these here internets goes by the name of Deadspin and is widely read and appreciated by sporting-fans, quasi-media types and anyone who enjoys a good pedophilia joke (who doesn't?). Occasionally this humble shitbox of motoring-inspired malarkey is even linked over at Deadspin. We're grateful. The creator of said site (a well-dressed young man named Will Leitch) has recently left his post atop the sporting blog world to pursue other writing endeavors.

To send off their fair creator in a fashion fit for a king and his harem, Deadspin held a "blogger-roast" where friends of the site pulled their best Jeffrey Ross impressions and shit all over Leitch. One of the roasters was the Sports Guy himself, Bill Simmons. B.S. called out Leitch on a number of topics including his predisposed usage of the word "we" when the singular "I" seems more appropriate.

You also used the word "we" all the time in your posts, only you were always talking about yourself. What literary device was this? The fourth person? The fifth person? We always wondered why you did that. And by we, I mean me.

This is just another example of how our site (and more importantly, countless others) has raped off of Deadspin. We feel better for it. We must tip our collective hats to Leitch and what Deadspin has done to make blogs slightly less gay. We will continue the usage of the "royal we" in honor of Will Leitch and the awesomeness he started with Deadspin. In short, thank you for the occasional link, we sure did appreciate it.

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