Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stolen from the Blogosphere

The guys over at Kissing Suzy Kolber have strayed away from their normal NFL-centric posts to make generalizations about the highway manners of American drivers.

KSK's Worst Drivers In America By Make is a scientific examination into the driving styles seen over a 10-mile stretch of the Capitol Beltway in Washington, DC.

The worst drivers? Those piloting cars produced by the Bavarian Motor Works:
Beamer drivers are, bar none, the most selfish, pushy, assholic drivers on the American road. Every BMW driver I’ve encountered seems genuinely offended that they have to share the road with me. They tailgate with almost a 100% frequency. And they are constantly, CONSTANTLY, trying to show off their Beamer’s speed and handling. Hey fuckhead, you’re not on the fucking Nürburgring. Take off the fucking driving gloves and find an embankment to crash into.
Yeah, but the new M3 is a beast. So, take that.

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