Saturday, February 14, 2009

Until the 500...

A smattering of notes on the eve of the Daytona 500:

Tony Stewart is the balls when it comes to plate stockcar racing. There is no equal. Exhibit 'A' would be his performance in this afternoon's N'Wide race. Watch the final two laps with him leading. Youtube it or something. It's bloody impressive. He is certainly the foremost pussy-and- racecar loving, plate-beast to date.

ESPN's stockcar coverage remains dismal. The only highlight of this afternoon's telecast was when Dr. Jerry Punch misidentified the Stealers Wheel classic "Stuck in the Middle," saying the Scottish band's hit was by Bob Dylan. That is inexcusable. Gerry Rafferty will no doubt kick Dr. Punch in the liver should their paths ever cross.

The SCCA has created a 911 GT3 Cup "Shootout" for teams who contest the World Challenge GT series using stock versions of the turn-key racers. Reading this reminded me of how amazingly beautiful racing versions of the Porsche 911 are, and forever have been. Case in point:

And yes, I am aware this is not a Cup car. Relax.

Enjoy tomorrow's stockcar race. Pre-race coverage started an hour ago and the race ends on Tuesday. Here is an extraneous Indy 500 video. Cheers.

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