Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Calling all Ridebuyers

Most guys who want to dip their toes into the pool of motorsports will buy a kart, go to an HPDE event or hit the local auto-x. The term 'most guys' does not apply to the blokes who are considering ridebuying themselves into a Top Fueler. Not. Hardly.

For an undisclosed amount of cash, you can team with Urs Erbacher and crew chief Wayne Dupuy at an NHRA national event. Yes, you will be piloting a Fueler teamed with the multi time FIA champ Erbacher. Christ, (if you qualify) you could find yourself lined up against a Tony Schumacher or Larry Dixon in round 1! Like, in a real race! Not licensed to run a 1/4 mile is 3.9 seconds? No problem, your new team can help get you approved before your big weekend. Wow!

Interested guys can call Dupuy at

**Yeah, we thought it was weird that speedtv.com listed
his phone number in the article too. We're putting him on our "must drunk-dial" list.

NHRA: Rent a Top Fuel Ride - a Sign of the Times

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