Tuesday, February 19, 2008

First step to relevancy… Imminent? Really?

Speedtv’s Robin Miller says the long awaited, much needed, only chance at becoming a real sport again, about fucking time, IRL/Champ Car reconciliation deal is done.

After 12 years of warring that cost open-wheel racing much of its sponsorship,audience and momentum, common sense has finally prevailed. SPEEDtv.com has learned that the Indy Racing League and Champ Car have officially, and mercifully, agreed to become one entity. A press conference could come as early as Wednesday…

So, the bloody coup -turned bloodier schism- appears to ending. Praise the lord. While this union represents the equivalent of an 11th-hour, shotgun wedding between the two series, it is also the only chance American open-wheel racing has at becoming anything more than an obscure, 2nd to 3rd tier, also ran, bastard cousin to the 800-pound gorilla of NASCAR. Castro resigns, and an open wheel merger on the same day... Coincidence? I think so too.

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