Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ed. Desk

Postseason doom and gloom yields to optimism and cars on racetracks (there is a novel concept). While winter's death grip still holds much of the nation hostage with a bastard force of wind, snow and grey, the ‘08 motoring season has largely kicked-off. Quite a difference between now and the dismal outlook that spewed from the Ed. desk here. But alas, two months of seclusion was broken first with the Rolex (turns out, Ganassi knows how to win these things), pause for Super Bowl (turns out, Eli Manning doesn't suck), and now SpeedWeeks is in full swing (turns out, Jimmie Johnson is pretty quick, as I just saw him take the pole for the 500). The NHRA has full blown points racing happening this weekend with the Winter Nat's taking place, and according to this guy the Indycar Series and Champ Car could be together sooner rather than never.*
With that, the season starts and Ride Buyer is back. Remember as the old racing adage goes, "when the green-flag drops, the bullshit... well, here the bullshit starts again...

Cheers- ed.

* Baring Honda getting into a cock-up battle over the IRL Motegi date, and wishing to not surrender that date to the LBGP and their longstanding sponsor Toyota. The Asians hate to look weak.

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