Monday, March 2, 2009

The most racy racing circuits the world over

Google Earth continues to impress the bunch over at Jalopnik. This time they give us a smattering of the world's best racing circuits as seen from the depths of outer space. As with any list that presents a topic in a supposed chronological order, debate should ensue. And debate we should.

First off, Road America is totally undervalued on this list, bringing up the rear at #15. It's the Nurburgring of North America for christsakes. Top five material, no question.

Donnington Park? Really?

This list only encompasses the realm of "proper racing circuits" which, of course, means no ovals. At least that's the logic of Jalopnik guys. We could not disagree more, and Indianapolis needs a prominent spot on any queue of noteworthy racing facilities. Side note: check out the old oval portion of Monza, if you squint it looks like the corner of 16th and G'Town (without the stripclubs and transmission plants anyway).

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Other critiques are pretty tick-tacky. Mosport and Laguna could be a bit higher. Brno should be dropped because nobody knows where the hell it is. The Isle of Man course could be lower because, while cool, it's really only for motorcycle sidecar racing, and that shit looks funny. Aside from those minor points of stickiness, it looks like a fair list. Don't you think? Oh, for those too lazy to follow the link, #1 is Spa. Yeah, no shit.

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