Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ed. note

After admiring the brand-spanking-new banner perched atop the site (successfully designed after hours of painstaking ctrl 'c' + ctrl 'v' maneuvering, three Valiums, and a thoroughly breathtaking poop at the midway point) I came to realize this time of the motoring season is an exercise in contrast. First, there is an elation that comes with the prospects of actual wheel-to-wheel contests taking place. That is exciting. Dare I say, that is very exciting. A new race season is something like Christmas, payday and the five dollar foot long wrapped in one.

Alas, that feeling is short lived, and what comes in the days and months following the "season kick-off" is worse than AIDS. (Kidding. Maybe more like a bad flu with a case of poopy-butt.)

Has the 2009 racing season started? Technically, yes. But, Detroit is technically considered a city and Nickleback is technically considered is a band, so that doesn't mean shit.

Nothing quite compares to the moments leading up to the first big deal race of the year, the Rolex 24. That race makes sane motoring fans want to leave their wives, quit their jobs, punch their dogs and head to Florida for a weekend contest waged on an otherwise uninteresting circuit, with uninspired cars that lasts too damn long. There is no reason for that race to mean as much as it does. But, I'll be the first to say, there is no race I anticipate more than the 24. None. I want the season to start as soon as possible.

That race gives us all the false sense that spring is near, and Friday nights at the local dirt track will be forthcoming. In that regard, the race is a cruel bitch and a farce. After the 24, the next watchable race happens in two months. It still snows in most places for another three months, and the real season-no matter the series-won't develop until May. It's like an addict taking a hit of heroin just before moving in with the Jon and Kate Plus Eight family for 10 weeks. It's not a pretty thing. We are all dealing with these doldrums currently. Hopefully you are coping better than I.

So, here we are. I'm redesigning the site banner and looking at photo galleries on USAC's website. What a dismal time of the racing year. Some real series should take advantage of this time and stage a winter tour of races in the warmth. Put the races on TV or the interweb, toss in some shots of broads in bathing suits, I'd watch.

Until that happens, enjoy the remaining winter and keep looking around here for updates.

PS- Mark your calenders for April 4th, this season's first USAC Natl Midget race in the Midwest. Columbus Motor Speedway. Rb will be there. Will You?

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