Monday, November 24, 2008

Shafted by "Trackside"

We haven't listened to talk radio for two years. Let's just say we had our fill of the medium. In a past life, the "royal we" was employed by a msm outlet that featured more local talking-head blowhards and national fist-sitters than a weekend real estate conference in Schenectady. Sure, it was fun to cover some sports, but not that fun. I mean, this station aired Rush Limbaugh for like, hours on end. Who knew that guy was still alive? Really? Rush. Come on.

So, it's not terribly surprising that "Blogger Night" on TRACKSIDE with Curt Cavin and Kevin Lee (1070 The Fan, Indy) came and passed without our knowledge. "Noteworthy" motoring blogs were represented, with their founders pontificating about everything IndyCar Series. We've never listened to TRACKSIDE, but know they have a good little following. In fact, Cavin scribes a weblog over at that's decent. (We've linked it, so it must be awesome!)

Alas, our fair site was omitted from "Blogger Night." No email. No call. Nothing. We feel slighted. We're like the kid who wanted an action GI Joe Talking Bandit III for Christmas, but got a subscription to Highlights instead. This sucks.

Maybe our invitation was lost in the mail. Maybe our predisposition of using ethnic slurs and misogynistic diatribes to describe the latest in motor racing news caused the un-vitation. Or was it the fact that Robin Miller (indirectly, directly) shit on Cavin during our interview with the Speed star? Did we spend too much time posting on baseball recently? Why the no call?

Members of the Rb nation unite. Inundate Cavin's inbox with your displeasure. Or call him at (317) 444-6409. Tell him we will not go silently into the night. Viva la Rb.

This could be the first blog battle we've waged. It makes us feel warm all over.

For those interested you can Listen HERE to the program in question.

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Doug W. said...

I'm not sure the bloggers were given golden tickets. Kevin announced on the show for one or two weeks that to participate, you had to email him in advance. The point seemed to be that he was looking for bloggers who listen to the show. The fact that you were not included is, based on what I know, because you did not ask to be included.

If you asked and were denied, that is one thing, but your article says you did not even know about the blogger night.