Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sox fans high on Boston, low on baseball

A coworker gave me the following sports nugget before game 6 of the ALCS. "Fuckin Sox, fuck their fans, man, fuck the Sox."

Simple enough. Undisclosed Coworker doesn't like the Boston Red Sox. Maybe he grew up following the Yanks, maybe he's a Tribe guy, maybe his uncle touched him while playing Sweet Caroline on continuous loop, maybe some sort of sick hybrid of all three. For Christ sakes, the man is entitled to his opinion about the team, the city and their fans.

Boston is a serious baseball town, I am sure many of their fans are knowledgeable about the game and truly passionate about what takes place inside Fenway.

Unfortunately, outside of Mass. few fans of the Sox adhere to the high standards of baseball-dom set forth by generations of losers, Southies, and otherwise fresh-off-the boaties.

I now reluctantly agree with the comments made by Undisclosed Coworker.

Case in point... Game three WS, last night. A sports bar. Baseball on three screens, college football on three screens. A mob of the "Red Sox Nation." Oh yes, out in full force were droves of Papelbon t-shirt wearing, Fever-Pitch owning, Drop Kick Murphies listening, posers. This was a group (probably 30 strong) who were much more interested in being seen, than seeing the WS.

Case in point... During a particularly vital moment in the action (Holliday hits three-run bomb to bring the Rocks within a run) a young (female) nation-member is in the bathroom -**important to note ** story told to me by female companion who also found herself relieving the pressures of $2 coors lights in the ladies room at the same time. Being the proper sports bar this establishment is, the game is on in the can. Joe Buck's call of the Holliday homer is announced as nation-member is applying make-up and looking at her ass in the mirror. No reaction to call. No "damnit," "shit," "darn," nothing. She was completely oblivious to plight of her beloved Sox. What a farce.

The bar was full of these weak fans. Broads looking to impress their boyfriends by sporting provocative Sox tee's, and pretending interest in the team.

This is, of course, not something that is confined to female nation-members. No, the dudes blow too.

Last example... the two Sox guys to my left were sure that Daisuke was brought back into the game to "finish em' (the Rocks I guess) off. No sir, that is not Daisuke, it happens to be another pitcher who is also Asian. And you can't really take a player out of the game, then put them back... well never mind.

Alas, the Red Sox will likely close out the series in about an hour in Denver. The loyal members of the Red Sox-nation will rejoice in another championship. But, after the celebration ends, Philly-branch nation members will be left with the empty feeling that they can't name three players on the club, they get the teams Asian pitchers confused and are more concerned with how their ass looks in jeans than what happens on the field. To be fair though, she did have a nice ass.

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